5 Steps To Remember When Planning Your Next Gala

A Gala event can be referred to as something ‘Fun-tactic. It involves exciting and fun elements, music, theme-based parties, and more. A Gala event is also used to make fundraising activities, auctions, and charity for a specific cause.  The Gala events are a great way to enhance the image of the company or institution. Steering away from the formal black suit and tie, dress codes, and formal apparel; the events can be designed in a lavish and casual set-up.  Although most of us love to exhibit our art of planning, it is better not to experiment during the events. Doing so can harm the reputation, therefore as the internet made it easy to find gala planners in Montreal and everywhere in Canada to make your next event an exhilarating one.

To make the event a successful one you need to ensure the top 5 C’s in the event planning are followed religiously.

Let’s dive into the topic and learn!

The Five Cs Of Event Planning

People often fall prey to the idea of crafting things on their own – the popular Do It Yourself is a good method for simple things but planning for an event calls for the ability in designing, the format of the event, placement of things, decoration, and many other things. The 5 phases that events require are Concept, Coordination, Control, Culmination, and Closeout.

Determining – The Concept

The first step in event planning is to have a perfect concept. Conceptualization of the event allows you to get a clear landscape of the process of how to have a smooth event. The determiners of the event will be made clear while drafting the concept. Layout why, when, where, who, and what regarding the event. For example is it a fundraiser, traditional or cultural event like a wedding or a ceremony in a college or corporate organization.  At the onset the people involved for instance for whom the event is organized i.e.; the stakeholders will have clarity of the outcome of the event.  An understanding of the concept joins all the important elements in the beginning. The right synergy between all the participants will make the event successful by placing the right expectations that match the needs of the beneficiaries.

Importance of – Coordination

Coordination is the key to reach any goal harmoniously. Lack of coordination spoils the end result. In any scenario whether education, work, movies, music, animation, etc. everything requires seamless coordination. Here all the major steps like designing, décor, planning, budget, theme selection, place or venue, time frames, refreshments, entertainment elements, logistics, transport, ambiance, and amenities are all clearly established in this step. The step entails a detailed understanding of every requirement of the event.

Scope of Control

In simple terms, this step involves the measurement of the progress of the work in all aspects. Ascertaining the time left measured with the work to be done is crucial. The step also necessitates conflict management and steps required in negotiating terms with external factors like vendors, distributors, workers, etc.

 Perfect Culmination

The step Culmination is the zenith in the process of event planning. It is the strong pillar that withholds the intense foundation steps and coordinates with the finale. The step comprises management of team, vendors, audience, and communication, etc. It ensures that the event turns out as planned by entertaining the audience and offering a memorable event for all the participants.

The Last- Closeout

As every essay, movie, story needs a conclusion even the event needs a fond adieu, it happens by ensuring all the post-event formalities in the contracts are completed. You need to complete all the payments, greet and thank the clients and take feedback. Address the team with a warm note and also provide inputs for future improvement. Ensure that equipment, furniture, etc; that was rented is given back.  A good way to boost the team’s confidence and motivate the teams is by offering rewards and recognition to the best performers. This will make them work better and provide a goal also.

Making an event successful requires an immense team effort that is possible with an experienced event planner. A professional team will offer a holistic approach to the commitments of the clients by keeping the emotional and ethical values at the top of the list.

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