4 Reasons Why Jungian Psychoanalysis Might Be the Right Direction For You

You’ve come to the conclusion that undergoing some sort of psychoanalysis would be in your best interest. Now the focus is on finding a professional who can provide the support that you seek. You’ve heard a lot about Jungian psychoanalysis, but is it the right direction for you? Here are some reasons why seeing a professional who utilizes this type of analysis as part of the treatment is worth considering.

A More Balanced View of Self

One of the goals of this type of analysis is to help you develop a more balanced view of who you are and what you have to offer. Part of the issue may be that you tend to magnify your perceived weaknesses while downplaying your perceived strengths. With analysis, you can begin to your whole self in a more even manner.

The goal is to not create a persona that overlooks anything about yourself. Rather, it’s to develop an objective look at who you are and what matters the most in your world. That more balanced view of yourself can set the stage for a number of changes in your life.

Equipping You to Deal With Personal Issues

Part of what motivates you to enter analysis is the existence of what seems to be ongoing personal problems. You simply don’t know what to do about them. It’s time to seek a fresh perspective. That’s where the analysis comes into the picture.

Keep in mind that the analyst is not going to present you with a set of solutions. Instead, the professional will provide a framework in which you begin to see answers that you did not see before. This is crucial, since what you learn in those sessions can be applied to other issues that may arise in the future.

The Ability to Adapt and Develop

Perhaps you’ve tended to be somewhat rigid in your approach to life in general, and self in particular. As circumstances change, it’s important to learn from what has gone before while not necessarily remaining deeply tied to it. With Jungian psychoanalysis, you develop skills that help you face what has happened before and use it to develop a better future.

For example, you may be clinging to guilt associated with something that happened in the past. With analysis, you can begin to work through the guilt, learn from what took place, and then use it to plan for the future. As part of the process, you learn to leave the guilt behind, but not what you learned from it. That’s very different from remaining trapped in your guilt.

Improving Your Self-Esteem

This type of analysis can help you change the way that you see yourself, other people, and even come to understand what matters in your life. This can lead to major changes in everything, including the level of self-esteem that you enjoy.

As the analysis progresses, you may find that the way you react to certain situations shift. The outcome may be more desirable, leading you to feel more capable. Over time, you may be more open to taking on new challenges rather than thinking you are less-than and not able to deal with those situations.

If you are unsettled in your self-image or the current state of your life, choosing to enter analysis is a practical step. Give it a try and see what happens. You may be surprised at what a difference it makes.

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