Partridges offers sweet treats that will cure any craving in the north-east

If you reside in the north-east and have a sweet tooth, then there is no doubt in my mind that you’re aware of Partridges.

Known for serving up an eclectic mix of mouth-watering treats, the dessert shop has become a go-to spot for local foodies to visit when those sugar cravings kick in.

For me, that occurs as soon as the weekend hits. And anyone that knows me would be able to back up that statement.

But last weekend, I was desperate for a dessert that wouldn’t require me whipping it up in the kitchen myself. As soon as I aired this, my boyfriend recommended I head out for a trip to Partridges, based in Fraserburgh.

It took little to no persuasion for me to get my mum on board with the idea, so I headed to the business’ website to place an order for collection – and what I was met with was a sight to see.

© Supplied by Karla Sinclair
The store offers an eclectic line-up of desserts for takeaway

Not only are there sweet treats available, but also tempting hot meals including buffalo chicken wings, burgers, curries and a selection of fish dishes. It had us wishing we hadn’t already tucked into our dinner that night. Nevertheless, it was time to satisfy our sweet tooths.

The Food

From waffles, pancakes, milkshakes, cheesecakes and ice cream to cookie dough, churros and sweets, the pair of us were already in a food coma. Being the huge churros fans that we are, it was the first thing we knew we’d be tucking into…

My mum and I waited patiently outside the shop at our designated pick up time before entering to retrieve our bag of goodies. Each treat offered its own irresistible aroma. After all, enjoying good food isn’t all about the taste, but also about the smells.

As soon as the pair of us arrived home we immediately began unboxing the desserts. We selected one drink and pudding each, as well as a side to share between us – this is where the churros came into play.

© Supplied by Karla Sinclair
The churros were topped with a drizzling of Nutella sauce, as well as cinnamon and sugar

There were three in the portion, all identical in size. The thick fritters were golden brown in colour and covered with a thin layer of cinnamon and sugar. Not only that, but I also requested they be drizzled with hot Nutella sauce (since it’s always a winner in my eyes). Unsurprisingly, it provided the perfect amount of sweetness that contrasted well with the subtle spiciness of the cinnamon.

While the churros were a tad on the hard side, the interiors were soft and fluffy in most areas. And the same could be said for my Oreo pancake and my mum’s Kinder Bueno waffle.

I’ve always been an avid fan of Oreo (as I’m sure a lot of you are too), so I was intrigued to see what Partridges’ take on an Oreo pancake would be exactly.

Thick, buttery and fluffy, the pancake mix contained chunks of Oreo biscuit that provided a slight crunch in every bite. Like the churros, my pancake was also topped with a rich sauce – although swimming may be a better word to use in this dish’s case. This time it was a Cadbury milk chocolate sauce used, which was both creamy and indulgent.

© Supplied by Karla Sinclair
A number of pancake flavours are available, including Oreo

While at first glance I was a tad overwhelmed by the hefty amount of sauce on offer, the pair of us put it to good use by dipping the remains of our churros into it. And because I intended on pigging out, I had extra Oreo pieces added on as well when placing the order. Although I would say this is definitely not necessary for future reference.

Given that the sweetness level was through the roof, my mum and I were thankful we opted for a pair of refreshing slushes to accompany our food. It was mixed Tango ice blasts on the menu comprising cherry and raspberry flavours. Still sweet, I know, but they turned out to be much icier than anticipated, which we were thankful for.

The reason we opted for the Tango ice blasts was simply down to us missing one of our favourite spots, the cinema. The drinks brought back fond memories of heading to the cinema pre-coronavirus. As expected, they boasted a sour kick which ended on a sweeter finish.

© Supplied by Karla Sinclair
Raspberry and cherry Tango ice blasts are available

Moving back to the food, my mum’s Kinder Bueno proved to be the star of the show. When I say you need to sample this if you’re ever in the area, I really mean that – it’s a triumph.

Comprising a chocolate waffle topped with lashings of white and milk chocolate sauce and a Kinder Happy Hippo, the waffle was flavourful and sugary. The taste of the waffle itself wasn’t overpowering either, allowing the gooey hot sauce to take centre stage. We added an extra of white chocolate chips but, like the instance of my pancake, they weren’t needed.

It’s fair to say the pair of us really underestimated the portion sizes of Partridges’ dishes, but I would always say that it’s better to have too much than not enough – and I live by that.

My mum and I made a fair go of it and were impressed by the dents we made into the treats. However with plenty still left to go around, we kept the remains for my dad and brother to sample later that night.

© Supplied by Karla Sinclair
The Kinder Bueno waffle was flavourful and sugary

The Verdict

If you’re in one of those moods where the only thing that can satisfy you is chocolate (admit it, we’ve all been more than we’d like to disclose), then I’d urge you to venture to Partridges.

Not only that, having realised that the store offers much more than just sweet treats, I imagine it’s also a great place to head to for a pleasant breakfast or lunch as well.

After our visit, the main things we took from it were that the ordering process could not be easier and the number of dish options is impressive. But most importantly, the business certainly succeeded in satisfying our sweet tooths.

Price: £17.95

Address: 70 High Street, Fraserburgh

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