‘It was either me or him,’ says Niagara police sergeant who shot fellow officer, as trial begins

Det.- Sgt. Shane Donovan affirmed Tuesday it was “possibly me or him” when he discharged something like 10 shots at his kindred Niagara Regional Police official, Const. Nathan Parker, in November 2018.

Parker had assaulted him with “haymaker” punches and pulled out his mallet, then, at that point his gun, Donovan told the court, causing him to fear for his life and pull the trigger until Parker went down.

“I knew whether he got the gun up on me, then, at that point he would kill me —and it was possibly me or him,” Donovan said. “So I discharged my weapon until he dropped his firearm.”

The sergeant’s declaration took up the vast majority of the primary day of the adjudicator just preliminary at the Ontario Court of Justice in Hamilton.

But while Donovan is the person who discharged the shots, Parker is the one being investigated.

The 55-year-old is accused of attack with goal to oppose capture, attacking a cop and attack with a weapon, which court heard covers a help issue mallet and sidearm.

Parker went to the court in person Tuesday, wearing a blue suit coat and khaki jeans, sitting with his eyes shut during a large part of the declaration. The main time he addressed the court was to argue not blameworthy to each charge.

The charges date back to an unusual altercation on Nov. 29, 2018.

Donovan was accountable for the impact remaking unit and was essential for a group looking at the site of the accident at the country convergence of Roland Road and Effingham Street in Pelham, Ont., around 20 kilometers west of Niagara Falls,.

A cop was shot by another official. In any case, he’s the one blamed for attack

In an odd and extraordinary gunfight back in 2018, a cop from Niagara Regional Police in Ontario shot an individual official multiple times. Imprint Kelley of The Fifth Estate has the narrative of the shooting and how officials with genuine disciplinary records can remain at work. 1:38

The sergeant told court he had never met Parker that day, however had seen him in passing at the police headquarters.

What united them that day was a solicitation from Donovan for formally dressed cops to assist with blockading the twisting street close to the accident scene, to keep the agents that were breaking down it safe.

A miscommunication started between the two over who was covering the barricade. Donovan said Parker left his post while Donovan was away refueling and getting food. At the point when Donovan returned around early afternoon, he saw an occupant passing through out and about that should be shut.

Court heard accounts of calls among Donovan and police dispatch over Parker’s whereabouts, just as calls from Parker to dispatch, requesting someone take his place.

Donovan testified that he had not spoken with Parker straightforwardly.

Sergeant affirms Parker was ‘forceful’

Parker showed up back at his post around 12:13 p.m., as indicated by Donovan; he said he moved toward Parker’s vehicle on the traveler side and asked him not to leave the scene once more.

“In an extremely noisy, forceful voice, he revealed to me that he needed to go for a piss,” Donovan told the court. “I just asked him graciously on the off chance that he could remain or inform me as to whether he needs to leave once more.”

The sergeant said Parker reacted by swearing and disclosing to him that on the off chance that he had turned on his radio, he would have known.

“I said, ‘You do realize you’re addressing a sergeant,'” said Donovan, adding he was wanting to quiet things down.

Crown examiner Jeremy Tatum had before gotten some information about his size, with Donovan reacting that he stands just shy of 5-7 and weighs around 188 pounds. Tatum then, at that point got some information about Parker in correlation.

“You can see he’s an extremely enormous man, large chest,” said Donovan. “He’s a lot greater than I am.”

Const. Nathan Parker is facing assault-related charges over the 2018 altercation. (Facebook)


The sergeant told the court that following their trade, Parker escaped his cruiser and the two strolled toward one another, meeting close to the front of the vehicle. Donovan said he expected he’d get shouted at.

All things being equal, he affirmed, Parker gave him a two-gave push to the chest.

“It was amazingly difficult to me; pushed me back a significant number steps — and I was stunned.”

Donovan said he reacted by disclosing to Parker he was set to be taken to jail for attack.

“It just came out. It got me off-guard; I didn’t anticipate it, particularly from another cop.”

The sergeant said that Parker didn’t stop; instead he came toward him, tossing a “haymaker” punch.

Clinical records detail different slug wounds

Donovan told the court he stepped back, put his hands up and attempted to leave to end the showdown, making a beeline for his own cruiser. But as he went after the entryway handle, he said he saw Parker swinging once more.

Donovan said he figured out how to some extent block two punches and threw one of his own. Then, at that point, he affirmed, Parker pulled out his twirly doo.

“My preparation kicked in,” said Donovan.

The sergeant said he accepted he would be killed if the implement hit him in the head, so he threatened to use his weapon.

“My conviction was that my life was at serious risk. He’s as of now assaulted me, hit me three or multiple times.”

Donovan told the court that once he pulled his weapon, Parker said, “Gracious you need to do this” and went for his own sidearm.


The altercation and shooting took place in Pelham, Ont., on Nov. 29, 2018. (Samantha Craggs/CBC)


What followed occurred surprisingly fast, the sergeant said. Once Parker cleared the holster, Donovan said he started terminating at Parker, who was remaining around 10 feet away; he said he was not willing to delay until his kindred official raised his gun.

At the point when Tatum asked how often Donovan believes he terminated, Donovan reacted he accepted he hit Parker multiple times.

Clinical records referred to in the concurred articulation of facts say Parker had a discharge twisted through his cheek and nose, his left shoulder and into his upper thigh; four gunfire wounds to his left side calf; one to his left side hip; a shot passage twisted on his lower midsection and one injury close the rear of his right foot.

Ten shell housings were found at the scene, all from Donovan’s gun.

Donovan told the court Tuesday that he had never utilized his gun on an individual from people in general or one more cop before that day.

Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit at first laid attack related charges against Donovan, including endeavored murder, however the Crown later dropped them.

Donovan’s declaration is booked to continue Wednesday, with the protection expected to start questioning.

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