The Vive Focus 3 is the best standalone VR headset

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To the extent VR innovation goes, the Focus 3 has pretty much all that you’d need in an advanced headset. In any case, there are basic, less specialized overhauls that I appreciated as well, similar to its help for enormous 150mm-wide glasses. It for the most part requires a touch of exertion for me to crush a headset over my edges, and they definitely get yanked out at whatever point I get out of VR. However, I never needed to manage that on the Focus 3, on account of its large inside. There’s likewise an IPD change dial to help you calibrate precisely how its focal points hit your eyes; the Quest 2 just gives you a couple of alternatives to change IPD. The intricate cushioning around the front and back likewise goes far toward causing you to neglect you’re in any event, wearing a VR headset.

Indeed, even the Focus 3’s regulators are superior to anything we’ve seen from HTC Vive previously. They appear to be like Oculus’s, with a round following ring, face catches, just as the standard grasp and trigger catches. Obviously, they’re light a very long time past the gigantic regulators that the first HTC Vive accompanied. All things considered, Oculus has the edge with regards to generally ergonomics. The Quest 2’s gamepads are formed to more readily accommodate your hands, particularly during quick moving games. Holding the Focus 3’s regulators, in the mean time, feels more abnormal during protracted VR meetings.

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Fortunately, however, the actual headset is agreeable to wear for quite a long time at a time, and it conveys the most vivid independent augmented simulation encounters I’ve seen at this point. I meandered the Louver in Mona Lisa Beyond the Glass, which let me move inches away from a few exemplary da Vinci compositions. On the off chance that I attempted to do that, all things considered, I’m certain some safety officers would quickly show me out. However, in VR, I could respect the detail in each masterpiece. I was additionally astounded exactly how extraordinary everything glanced in the Focus 3. There was more detail than in any Quest 2 experience I’ve seen, and the enormous field of view truly caused me to feel like I was strolling through the Louver’s resplendent lobbies, rather than simply peering in through a couple of VR optics.

Additionally, I had a certifiable feeling of strolling through glades and tropical sea shores in the Nature Treks VR experience. The Focus 3’s sharp presentation by and by sparkled when I looked at sculptures and natural life very close, however the detail was restricted by its portable equipment. 360-degree YouTube recordings additionally looked fabulous when I terminated them up in Firefox VR, yet the experience can be all in or all out contingent upon the nature of the source. And surprisingly however the headset doesn’t have meaty close field speakers like the Valve Index and HP Reverb G2 .

I was astounded that the Focus 3 did exclude any kind of implicit mixed media application for watching VR recordings, however that truly highlights probably the most concerning issue: The Focus 3 has a definitely more restricted programming library than the Quest. While Oculus has pushed for high-profile special features and well known games, as Vader Immortal and Beat Saber, the HTC VivePort store feel basically frail. There are a small bunch of shared titles across the two stages, similar to Last Labyrinth and Tokyo Chronos, yet it’s reasonable they are certainly not a major concentration for HTC Vive.

HTC Vive Focus 3
Devindra Hardawar/Engadget
At this point, even installing new experiences is more of a pain on the Focus 3, since you need to take off the headset to purchase apps and games from your web browser. Meanwhile, the Quest and Quest 2 let you buy things from within the headset and a mobile app. But I suppose that’s not a huge problem for HTC Vive, since the Focus 3 isn’t meant for consumers at all. Instead, IT departments will likely preload the software their workers actually need. (There’s also going to be a Vive Business App Store eventually, though it’s unclear if that will offer a better purchasing experience.)

That’s one reason why we’re not scoring this review. This $1,300 headset isn’t meant to be consumer friendly. And honestly, I couldn’t even test some of the more popular business apps, like Vive Sync’s virtual collaboration tool and Engage’s event app. HTC Vive’s previous Focus headsets also gained a reputation for being easy ways to train employees using apps like Virti. And while that app certainly looks cool in the Focus 3, I can’t exactly tell if it’s offering effective training or not.

There are also features I haven’t been able to effectively test out. The Focus 3 offers Vive Business Streaming, which lets you connect the headset to a VR PC over a USB 3.2 cable or Wi-Fi. But it’s apparently very picky, as none of the USB cables I used were even recognized by the software (and some would just throw an error saying they weren’t USB 3.0 capable, even though I knew they were). You can also stream PC VR over Wi-Fi, but that only works if your computer is connected directly to your router over Ethernet, and if you have a strong wireless connection with the headset. That just wasn’t possible in my basement office. I’m hoping HTC Vive works out its connection requirements, especially since Oculus Link on the Quest is far less demanding when it comes to cables.

HTC Vive Focus 3

Devindra Hardawar/Engadget

Regardless of how you cut it, the Quest 2 is as yet the independent VR headset most purchasers should purchase. Yet, the Focus 3 is ideal for organizations searching for something a touch more solid and amazing. For them, a $1,300 gadget bodes well than contributing many thousands on more intricate preparing instruments.

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