10 things you need to know to build a small business website


For a small business, a website isn’t just a digital listing. It’s a marketing tool, a storefront, and an information kiosk all rolled into one. And a great website (usually created by using the best website builder coupled with the best web hosting service) draws more eyeballs than any flyer, or ad in the penny saver or acrobat balancing company pens outside the chamber of commerce ever could.

Apple, the local guitar teacher, the fruit cart next to the bus stop: they all have websites. It’s nearly impossible for a business to exist, let alone thrive without one.

If your small business needs a new website, or doesn’t have one at all, here are 10 things you need to know to get it properly built and working hard for you, and separately check out our list of the best small business website builder providers and our list of the best small business web host out there.

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1. Have a purpose

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