Space station fire alarm goes off amid smoke, burning smell in Russian section

Smoke alerts sounded Thursday on board the International Space Station (ISS), provoking an air scrub of the Russian fragment before groups got back to typical tasks.

The alert sounded at 1:55 a.m. GMT in the Zvezda administration module of the Russian portion of the station – the most recent in a line of wellbeing worries around there.

“A smoke alarm was set off in the Zvezda administration module of the Russian portion of the International Space Station during programmed battery charging, and an alert went off,” Russian space office Roscosmos said in an assertion. “To wipe out conceivable smoke contamination by the team, a total channel for cleaning the climate was turned on.”

French space explorer Thomas Pesquet said “the smell of consuming plastic or electronic gear” floated to the U.S. portion of the station, however, as per CBS News.

The group enacted air channels and continued “night rest” when the air quality had gotten back to typical levels. Roscosmos revealed the air quality was protected, yet it didn’t clarify whether there would have been a danger to the group had the channels not been actuated.

The organization affirmed that an arranged six-hour spacewalk would continue on Thursday to keep coordinating the Russian-constructed Nauka science lab that docked with the ISS in July, Al Jazeera detailed.

The Zvezda module has encountered various security issues, with smoke revealed in the module in 2014, and a few air spills, including one recently and one more in 2019.

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