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Legends of Tomorrow: Every Main Villain, Ranked By Power

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow was an extremely experimental show when first announced for the CW. Bringing together a skilled group of misfits from the various Arrowverse series, it could have easily been a flop. Instead, it has evolved into a truly fun and wacky series, which pays great respect to the source material.

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The show may have launched with the immortal Vandal Savage after a backdoor pilot in Arrowbut in the years since, Legends of Tomorrow has boasted a variety of recognizable villains. From the Legion Of Doom to terrifying demons and greek deities, which threat is really the most powerful?

10 Honorable Mention: Gary Green

Legends of tomorrow gary green

Strangely, Gary’s betrayal was both shocking and hugely obvious. For the best part of the show, Gary had been used as bait, bullied and generally considered to be inferior to the rest of the team. This lack of respect ate away at Gary, prompting him to make a dangerous choice.

Wanting to grow far more powerful, Gary turned to dark magic, putting the team in danger in the process. This would be rectified with Gary swearing his allegiance to the group once more and becoming the apprentice of John Constantine. Respectfully though, Gary was never going to be a major threat in his own right, thanks to his limited abilities.

9 The Dark Archer

Malcom Merlyn Arrow Dark Archer

In Arrow, Malcolm Merlyn became one of Oliver Queen’s most brutal enemies. As the Dark Archer, Merlyn used his wealth and League Of Assassins training to best the Green Arrow in combat and threatening to bring Starling City crumbling down.

In Legends Of Tomorrow, he served as a member of the Legion Of Doom, although was outmatched by those he aligned himself with. The tactician of the group, Merlyn’s mind and money made up for his lack of power. But he’s still no slouch as an archer or in close combat.

8 The Time Masters

The bounty hunter Chronos holding his blaster up in Legends of Tomorrow

Rip Hunter’s reckless actions to try and ensure the safety of his family and the time zone resulted in the Time Masters seeking their own version of justice. This group of powerful entities sought to shoot the Waverider out of the sky and end Hunter’s heroism and chaos.

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They even sent the bounty hunter Chronos after the group, who was revealed to be an alternate version of Mick Rory. They were a thorn in the Legends’ side but compared to some of the universe-ending threats they have since faced, the Time Masters rank far lower in terms of their power levels and intelligence.

7 Vandal Savage

Vandal Savage was really the villain that brought the group together and has reappeared in the show since, causing the same kind of trouble. As an immortal being, Savage has a great deal of time to prepare for his enemies, utilizing this to his own advantage.

Merciless and cruel, he might not be the most powerful on the battlefield, but with a range of mystical weapons in his possession, he can morph the timeline into his own image. Savage feels like a much larger threat, though, thanks to his appearance in the Legends’ rookie years.

6 Astra Logue

Astra Logue was a character brought over from John Constantine’s canceled solo series. A young child whom he was unable to save, Astra was pulled down to hell and spent a great deal of time plotting ways to get her revenge on her so-called savior.

Her return was a surprising one, with the once innocent girl now transformed into a warrior full of malice. She uses her influence in the underworld and hellish abilities to strike at the Legends, even giving Constantine severe lung cancer, nearly killing him.

5 Damien Darhk

Damien Darhk is another villain from Oliver Queen’s rogues’ gallery to join the Legion Of Doom. He appeared in the show after the group’s downfall, returning to cause havoc once more. Darhk is a powerful and dangerous sorcerer.

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His abilities are only enhanced by his quick mind, as he is an ace at adapting to any situation. With his daughter Nora at his side, he was unstoppable — until her change of heart and marriage to Ray Palmer softened the veteran villain.

4 Reverse-Flash

Speedsters are always dangerous. Eobard Thawne is the most lethal of them all. Tapping into the Negative Speed Force, evil literally courses through the veins of the Reverse-Flash. He is the most malicious member of the Legion Of Doom and in many ways is the group’s leader.

His speed abilities alone make him supremely dangerous. However, with his speed also comes the ability to shift time. Add this to the Spear Of Destiny and it felt as if Reverse-Flash was unstoppable. It took the Grim Reaper-esque entity Black Flash to finally end his tyranny.

3 Mallus

There have been two demonic entities acting as the big bad of a season of Legends Of Tomorrow. One is Mallus, a creature that sought to use the mythical monsters trapped in his realm to cause chaos on Earth before finally making his own arrival.

He was a creature of darkness, one that was capable of messing with the minds of the Legends and who put Sara Lance in grave danger. The magical knowledge of John Constantine came was great use during the battle with this beast, but as threats go, Mallus was one of the most formidable.

2 Neron

Neron is the other devilish monster who targeted the time-traveling team. His tactics were ones of manipulation, though, inhabiting the body of the Legends and those that they loved. For an extended period, he used Ray Palmer as a host, taking advantage of the scientist’s influence.

Neron is the kind of villain that was able to run free without the Legends being able to truly stop him. It took noble sacrifices to end the demon for good, and he left a trail of bodies in his wake. If allowed to reach his full potential, Neron would have been untouchable.

1 The Fates

Very rarely do villains get to complete their goal. Unfortunately, the deities known as the Fates actually managed to. By returning the Loom Of Fate to their possession, reality was altered completely, with the Legends getting stuck into sitcoms and sci-fi TV shows.

As literal gods, there was nothing that couldn’t be done — until one of their own betrayed them. The Legend that the team came to know as the shapeshifter Charlie still found her loyalty with the Waverider. Despite her best judgments, she eventually helped the Legends restart reality and banish the eternal Fates.

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