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DC’s LGBTQ+ Aquaman Embraces Destiny in Series Following DC Pride

Jackson Hyde, DC’s LGBTQ+ Aquaman of the future, steps into the spotlight and embraces his destiny this September in a new six-issue miniseries.

Jackson Hyde, the current Aqualad and future Aquaman, will embrace his destiny in a new series capitalizing on the LGBTQ+ hero’s appearance in DC Pride. Titled Aquaman: The Becoming, the first issue of the six-issue miniseries will be available for purchase in print and digital this September.

Jackson Hyde first appeared in the Young Justice cartoon in 2010, and quickly jumped to the comics, making his debut in 2010’s Brightest Day #4. A native of Atlantis, Hyde can breathe on land and was raised there; he discovered that Black Manta, Aquaman’s greatest foe, was his father, and that he has the ability to manipulate the density of water, similar to Mera. Initially christening himself “Aqualad,” he was shown to have taken over for Arthur Curry as Aquaman during the Future State event; it was revealed that he also helped train Andy, Arthur and Mera’s daughter. Last year, Hyde starred in a young adult graphic novel, You Brought Me the Ocean, which was nominated for a GLAAD Media Award. The character recently appeared in the DC Pride one-shot, where he teamed up with a number of other LBGTQIA + heroes to defeat the evil Eclipso, who had attacked a Pride parade. The brief glimpse of Jackson Hyde in action left fans wanting more, and this September they will him in action again, in a new miniseries.

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The Hollywood Reporter announced the title of the miniseries, and provided fans with an exclusive first look at the issue’s cover by David Talaski. Aquaman: The Becoming will be written by Brandon Thomas, with art by Diego Olortegui, inks by Wade von Grawbadger and colors by Adriano Lucas. It is unknown if the book will pick up where DC Pride left off, as The Hollywood Reporter did not provide a plot synopsis or any other additional details. DC Pride showed Jackson in a relationship, so expect the book to explore that further. Fans will need to wait until September to learn more.

Aquaman, The Becoming

Jackson Hyde has been an integral part of the DC Universe for more than a decade now. Since making the jump to comics, he has assisted Aquaman and Atlantis many times over, and as mentioned earlier, eventually takes on the role of Aquaman in the future. Hyde is a great hero, and fans got an exciting glimpse as to what he was made of in DC Pride, where his hydrokinetic powers give him an edge over Eclipso and allow him to help save the day. Furthermore, Aquaman: The Becoming is a huge win for representation and further reinforces DC’s commitment to spotlighting their LGBTQIA + characters.

Fans will get to see Jackson Hyde, the future Aquaman, step into the spotlight and embrace his destiny this September in Aquaman: The Becoming.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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