How Magna Steyr balances customers ranging from BMW and Mercedes to Fisker and Sony

Is this the start of a new business model for Magna Steyr to help lure other newcomers?

There are a lot of new entrants out there, but we have to be very careful and we evaluate with whom we really want to work. That’s why we decided to work with Fisker. We believe that they have a very high rate of success. They have a fascinating product. They have a fascinating team. But there are sometimes new entrants that approach us where we believe that they will not be successful and then we decide not to work with them.

Another interesting new partner for you is a Sony. How did that relationship form and how will it develop?

Sony approached us and said they have an idea. They wanted to build a prototype that they would to show at the 2020 CES [in Las Vegas]. We worked with them for more than one and a half years to bring this prototype to the point where it could be driven onto the stage. This was a great cooperation with an incredible partner. After the success of the 2020 CES, Sony asked us to build more prototypes and to test this product. So, that’s what we did. You probably have seen the videos of the car being driven in Austria. We’ll certainly continue working with them.

One of the cars that automatically gets associated with Magna Steyr is the Mercedes G-Class. What does that vehicle means to the company after producing it for decades?

Actually, we have been building the G-Class for exactly 42 years. We also support the Daimler team also with engineering work. It is an amazing product. Just walking down the assembly line, I see people who have been working on the G-Class for 30, 40 years. They know exactly what it means to deliver this incredible performance on a daily basis. A lot of people define Magna Steyr with the G-Class.

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